4 Practical Tips for Preventing Spots on Glass Shower Doors

4 Practical Tips for Preventing Spots on Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors look great and can make your bathroom more spacious and connected. However, some homeowners love the design of glass shower doors but don't install them because they've heard it can be a challenge to keep them free of water spots, streaks, and soap scum. Fortunately, this task is much simpler than you might think. Keeping custom glass shower doors sparkling and spotless is by no means a horrible chore. Here are 4 tips for preventing spots on glass shower doors.

Tip #1: Prevent moisture from accumulating on the glass shower door

The saying that prevention is better than cure couldn't be more true in this case. Don't allow dirt and moisture to accumulate on glass doors, and it's better to stop at the first sign. The best and easiest way to do this is to wipe down the glass door after you shower every day. Use a cloth specially designed for cleaning glass doors and wipe carefully. This practice will save you a lot of time and effort, ensuring you have stain-free glass doors.

Tip #2: Let the air circulate in the bathroom

Open the bathroom door after the shower to let some air circulate, which will help the moisture evaporate. If your shower has a vent, use it. This helps protect your shower glass and bathroom from potentially harmful mold and mildew.
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Tip #3: Follow a regular cleaning routine

Get in the habit of wiping down the glass after every shower and take some time out once or twice a week for a full cleaning. Continued exposure to hard water and moisture buildup can permanently damage your glass doors, and they can end up looking cloudy or foggy.

Tip #4: Buy glass doors with a protective coating

If you don't have time to clean frequently, please choose a unique waterproof and anti-fouling protective coating, which will help prevent the accumulation of hard water and scale and keep the glass shower door beautiful and transparent when you buy it.

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