4 tips for selecting a towel bar

4 tips for selecting a towel bar

Hello, here is Loire Hardware, which has more than 20years of shower door hardware. Today we’re gonna to share with you some tips on how to select a towel bar. Let’s check it out!

Towel bar selection tips 1: Material selection, brass material is of good quality.

The material of towel bar can be roughly divided into four categories: stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloy and zinc alloy material. The characteristics of stainless steel towel bar are that the cost is low but the structure is not tight enough. Brass towel bar has the characteristics of stable structure, not easy to oxidize, good gloss and hardness. Aluminum alloy and zinc alloy towel bar are between the above two. To identify the material of towel bar, you can use sharp tools to cut somewhere. After being cut, if the inside is white metal, which is made of zinc alloy, the golden yellow inside is made of brass. Aluminum alloy material has soft texture and is easy to cut while stainless steel material is not easy to cut.

Towel bar selection tips 2: Pay attention to the surface treatment of towel bar.

Due to the humid environment in the bathroom, the surface of the towel bar must be electroplated. Chrome plating is the most widely used one. The coating thickness is generally calculated in microns, which cannot be judged by human eyes, but the quality of the product can be identified by its gloss and flatness. When purchasing towel bar, you can observe its surface coating in light to judge its gloss. Or you can gently touch the surface of the towel bar with your fingertips to feel its smoothness. Products with smooth and flat finish are of good quality.

Towel bar selection tips 3: Check the weight of the towel bar but not the heavier the better.

No matter what material is used for the towel bar, its rod and tube are hollow. in order to deceive consumers, some manufacturers fill the hollow towel bar tube with cement and other items to increase the weight of the products. That’s really dangerous or cause damage. The increased weight is not conducive to the stability of the towel bar, which is easy to cause the screws to loosen, and even cause the towel bar to fall off as a whole. When purchasing, you can open the seal of the towel rod and observe its internal condition. Generally, the seal of the towel rod is tight. You can also estimate the weight of the towel bar by hands. If the towel bar feels heavy and the price is relatively cheap, you should be more careful.

Towel bar selection tips 4: Select stainless steel accessories.

When purchasing towel bar, you should not only check the surface, but also pay attention to the details such as screws, base and welding. Due to the large humidity and temperature difference in the bathroom, ordinary screws are very easy to rust under this condition. The towel bar should use stainless steel screws to achieve the purpose of moisture-proof and anti-oxidation. Brass is a common towel bar base material. If the unit content is lower than 59 brass, it does not meet the requirements of national standards. Welding is also a detail easily ignored by consumers. The welding seam needs to be polished. Otherwise, the protruding welding seam will not only affect the appearance, but also cause inconvenience to consumers in use.

Above are the 4 tips for selecting a towel bar, hope these are helpful for you,. If you still have any question, just feel free to contact us.


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