OEM & ODM Services of Shower Hinges

OEM & ODM Services of Shower Hinges

Loire Hardware factory Provide High Quality Shower Door Hardware, Such As Shower Hinges, Glass Clamps, Shower Door Knobs, Shower Door Handles, Shower Door Support Bars, Sliding Shower Door Kits, And Son On.

We are also stronger with OEM & ODM Services, 40-50% Product Which are OEM &ODM For Special Customers.

Nowadays, with fierce competition in the shower enclosure hardware industry, how to break through difficulties, open up the market, and occupy share has become a difficult problem for many entrepreneurs. What should we do? How can we do? Is a question that worth studying.

To be honest, is price all the determining factor? Let us look at an example. Different freight forwarders have different prices. What is the difference? That is, the different services included, the timeliness and the good condition of the damaged goods, etc. Generally speaking, it means that for low prices, the timeliness must be longer, and the condition of the goods is difficult to be guaranteed; As we all know, while for high prices, the human and material expenditures are ample, so the timeliness and the condition of the goods can be guaranteed.

In fact, repeat customers who continue to place orders are the long-term development objects that companies want. In most cases, old customers tend to support 80% of the company's performance, while new customers account for only about 20%.

If a company wants to continue to open up new blank markets, it can only be able to rely on the support of the profits of its old customers. It can be seen that maintaining the orders of old customers and ensuring the quality of the orders is the right path of development.

Low prices are often doomed to mediocre quality, making it difficult to attract customers to keep placing orders. On the contrary, it will affect the company's reputation. The highlight of attracting customers should be a good customer experience, not a low price advantage to attract "one-time customers." If customers cannot continue to place orders, then our development costs will become higher, which is very uneconomical for enterprises.

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Loire Factory is one of the professional hardware manufactures, after 21 years of shower enclosure hardware industry exploration, we firmly believe that quality and innovation are the long-term development of the company. 

The Loire has focused on the product range of shower door hinges and is characterized by high-quality products that principally meet many customers' needs all the time. We aim at long term cooperation with our customers.

OEM and ODM services support the development of innovation. About 40%-50% of our company's customers have communicated with us, put forward design plans, and customized their products after design. Through the efforts of both parties, the design scheme is more reasonable, the product is more ergonomic, and the customer's satisfaction is obtained in the local market, and the sense of use is improved.

Loire Factory earned trust and satisfaction from different markets, especially in American, Europe, and Australia. Which is made us familiar with different countries' requirements in the field of design and function.

The idea of the shower room hardware you need, Loire's excellent OEM and ODM service team will turn it into your real thing! Look forward to working with you! We are the strong backing of your shower hardware products!

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