Benefits & Types of Prefabricated Curbless Showers

Benefits & Types of Prefabricated Curbless Showers

There is little or no trend for shower entry. They not only look modern and fashionable, but also have various functions, providing safer and more convenient use for people of all ages and abilities. Curbless and low threshold showers come in two forms: Custom and prefabricated. Below we will describe the benefits and types of prefabricated showers.

What is a Prefabricated Shower Stall?

A prefabricated shower stall, also referred to as a “Prefab Shower” for short, is shower stall shower components that are constructed off-site in a factory, as opposed to having a custom-built shower constructed entirely from scratch on site.

Benefits of a Prefabricated Shower Stall

Reduce chaos: most of the work is carried out outside the site, thus reducing the construction chaos at home.
Shorten installation time: installers only need to remove the old bathtub, assemble and install it, rather than building each component of the shower from scratch.
Easier to clean: prefabricated shower rooms usually lack many ceramic tile grouting lines on the customized shower wall, which is easy to mildew.
Less water leakage: if installed correctly, prefabricated showers usually leak less than custom showers.

Fabricated Shower Types

One Piece Prefabricated Shower:
Advantages: installation is faster because it is fully assembled.
Advantages: easy to clean, because only a few joints will be caught by mold and dirt.
Advantages: if installed correctly, the integral device is not prone to water leakage.
Disadvantages: the disadvantage of the integral prefabricated shower is that it is a large, heavy and bulky unit, and it is usually impossible to install stairs or pass through the doorways and corridors of the home. In the construction of new houses, an integral unit is usually easier to add and installed before all walls and doorways are completed.

Multi Piece Prefabricated Shower:

Advantages: it is divided into several parts, so it is easier to transport to the bathroom, which is usually better taken into account when transforming the existing bathroom.
Disadvantages: there are more joints than integral units, which means that there is a greater possibility of water leakage. Installing a prefabricated shower is a good way to quickly turn an inaccessible shower space into an accessible space.

When choosing a prefabricated shower, remember that any facilities it may contain, such as seats, soap trays, storage racks, controls and handrails, will be permanently fixed in place, so make sure they meet your functional needs before ordering.

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