Comparison between brass shower door hardware and zinc alloy shower door hardware (Two)

Comparison between brass shower door hardware and zinc alloy shower door hardware (Two)

The last article discussed brass shower door hardware and zinc alloy shower door hardware. In the previous paper, the differences between the two materials were analyzed from the basic metal structure of brass and zinc alloy. If you were new to this topic, you could check the previous article by this line.

This article will discuss the differences between brass and zinc alloy from the price comparison of brass and zinc alloy, the fields in which brass and zinc alloy are used as materials, and how to distinguish the two products.

First, according to the price standard on the date of writing, the price of brass is US $11.2 per kilogram, while the price of zinc alloy is US $3.6 per kilogram. In the discussion of the structure in the previous article, it was said that the metal structure of brass also contains zinc, but most of the content of brass is copper, so the price will be higher than that of zinc alloy. Therefore, the customer markets corresponding to the two materials are different. Generally speaking, customers pursuing cost performance will choose zinc alloy as the raw material to make the hardware of shower door and glass door, while customers pursuing quality will choose brass as the raw material to make the hardware of shower door and glass door. The concept of Loire has always been customer first and quality first. More details for you:
Second, both materials are widely used. Brass can add other metals to increase other properties. Brass itself has strong wear resistance, high strength, high hardness and strong chemical corrosion resistance. In addition, the mechanical properties of cutting are also prominent. Ordinary brass is widely used, such as water tank belts, water supply and drainage pipes, medals, corrugated pipes, serpentine pipes, condensate pipes, cartridge cases, punching products with complex shapes, hardware, etc. When adding zinc, with the increase of zinc content, from H63 to H59, they can well withstand hot processing. They are mostly used in various parts of machinery and electrical appliances, stamping parts and musical instruments. Adding tin to brass can significantly improve the heat resistance of the alloy, especially the ability to resist seawater corrosion. Therefore, tin brass is known as "naval brass".

For the usage of zinc alloy, zinc alloy can be divided into cast zinc alloy and deformed zinc alloy according to the manufacturing process. Cast zinc alloy has good fluidity and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for die-casting instruments, automobile parts, housings, etc. Traditional die-casting zinc alloys include ZA2, 3, 4, 5 and 8, and ZA3 zinc alloy is the most widely used. ZA3 has good fluidity and mechanical properties. It is applied to castings with low mechanical strength requirements, such as toys, lamps, decorations and some electrical parts. ZA5 is applied to castings with certain requirements for mechanical strength, such as auto parts, electromechanical parts, mechanical parts and electrical components. ZA2 is used for mechanical parts with special requirements for mechanical properties, high hardness, good wear resistance and general dimensional accuracy. ZA8 has good impact strength and dimensional stability, but poor fluidity. It is applied to workpieces with small size, high precision and mechanical strength, such as electrical parts.

Last, let's discuss how to distinguish between brass products and zinc alloy products. Take the shower door hinge as an example. The brass shower door hinge is golden, while the inner wall of the zinc alloy shower door hinge has white powder oxide, which is based on the fact that the shower door hinge has not been finished with other colors. By weight, the brass shower door hinge is heavier than the zinc alloy shower door hinge. The knocking sound of the brass shower door hinge is low, while that of the zinc alloy shower door hinge is relatively clear. 

The above is the comparison between brass shower door hardware and zinc alloy shower door hardware. If you have any doubt about the article or are interested in the product, you can free feel to email us. (

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