Composition of Glass Door Hardware Hinges

Composition of Glass Door Hardware Hinges

What are glass door hardware hinges consist of? 

Glass door hinges are hinges for glass doors, which is a common hardware material for bathrooms and showers. It typically consists of two clamps that have a non-skid material on the inside edges to prevent friction. The clamps have a screw that fits into a pre-drilled hole for added stability that attaches the clamps to both sides. The clamps attach to a wall-mounted block and pivot.

The glass door hardware may also be a perpendicular floor and ceiling mounted pivoting device that takes the burden of the door's weight in the corners. This door hinge allows the door to pivot more within the opening, creating a cleaner look.

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A third style of glass door hinge is a non-bore inset glass hinge. This does not require any holes to be drilled into the glass, and will install either from the sides or the top and bottom of the glass. This type of hinge relies on pressure mounting on either side. It may also include an adhesive to secure the hinge.

Glass door hinges will come with minimal design elements, creating a flat, utilitarian look. The hardware is available in numerous finishes--bronze, black, nickel, chrome, and antique brass to name a few. These types of hinges are typical for all frameless glass door mountings. Glass door hinges are available in three styles: “straight arm” for overlay doors; “full cranked” for inset doors, and “half cranked” for twin overlay doors.

Hinged glass doors are commonly found in entertainment centers, cabinets, and even shower rooms. A common hinge style for this type of door is called an overlay hinge. One side of the hinge is designed to fit the glass in a U-shaped bracket, and the other side is designed to be mounted on a non-glass surface, such as a cabinet enclosure or sidewall. The type of hinge is selected based on the size and location of the glass door. Special attention should be paid to the weight of the door so that the hinge can properly support it.

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