Corner shower doors:something you need to know

Corner shower doors:something you need to know

When creating your dream bathroom, you want to buy a suitable shower room to bring perfect effect to your room. But with so many different designs and sizes, choosing the best shower room may feel like an impossible task. In this guide, we will introduce the corner shower room.

1. What is corner shower door ?

A corner shower door can be installed in the corner of the bathroom. Those who want to make some ground space in the bathroom should consider the corner shower door. There are (usually) two walls inside the enclosure, which form the periphery of the shower room. Neo angles, curves, squares and rectangles are all acceptable. A corner shower door is a good space-saving device, which is completely suitable for the compact bathroom. The magnetic door strip of the glass door can also prevent water from splashing or leaking to other parts of the bathroom.

2. What size corner shower door do I need?

To determine the appropriate size of shower room for your bathroom, you only need to take a few simple steps.

First measure the area where you want to install the corner shower room.

Determine and mark the position of sewage pipe

Consider the height of your shower tray

3. What type of frame should I choose?

You have three main frames for the corner shower door.




Your choice of frame depends on how you want your shower room to look and your budget. Framed shower enclosure are usually the cheapest option. The frameless shower enclosure is made of solid tempered glass without metal support. Its simple and modern appearance is often higher than the price of framed shower enclosure. The semi-frameless shower enclosure is characterized by both frame and non-frame. It is a good choice for those who like cheap price and more elegant appearance.

4. What type of glass thickness should I choose?

There are four types of glass thickness to choose from.

1/4 inch (6mm)1/4 inch is not very thick, but it is cheap. It is better to use framed glass doors for this glass thickness.

5/16 inch (8mm) is a very common thickness. This glass thickness is applicable to frameless shower doors or semi-frameless shower doors.

3/8 inch (10mm) glass door thickness provides the necessary stability. This is a popular choice because it is cheaper than thicker glass. This glass thickness is also applicable to frameless shower doors or semi-frameless shower doors.

 1/2 inch (12mm) glass shower door makes the glass door more stable and magnificent in appearance. Of course, the price is also the most expensive. This glass thickness is also applicable to frameless shower doors.

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