Disadvantages of Granite Shower Room

Disadvantages of Granite Shower Room

Granite shower rooms have become a popular choice because of their aesthetic and durable characteristics. Each granite is unique, with many combinations of patterns and colors. The stone even has scratches and heat resistance. In addition, granite stone is considered to be a prestigious asset, so it is the main determinant of home buyers. However, granite has several disadvantages that make it unsuitable for building shower rooms.

1. Granite, like other shiny stones, is slippery when wet. This is clearly dangerous for homeowners bathing in rocks. The floor must be pulled with mats or stickers and kept as dry as possible to avoid danger, especially for children and the elderly. Due to its dangerous nature, this stone is a very bad choice for bathrooms.

2. The risk of buying "fake" granite is high because many homeowners mainly use granite as surface decoration, which makes them vulnerable to anything when buying and selling. About 98% of the stones sold as granite are not real granite. These rocks may actually be basalt, gabbro, plagioclase, porphyry or amorphous rocks. Some of these pseudogranites may be highly porous, so they are not suitable for showers. When you choose a rock, you must perform a "stone spray test". If the rock absorbs the water you put in, it is not really granite. Installing "fake" granite can have disastrous consequences, and you have to spend a lot of money to eliminate reconstruction costs.

3. The relative cost of granite is quite high compared with other alternatives to bathroom showers. The price per square foot is sometimes even more expensive than marble. One way to balance the price of granite is to buy it from a wholesaler if the bathroom is large enough. Buying "fake" granite, such as improperly cut thick plates, is also a cost-effective option. However, options such as fiberglass and ceramic tiles are usually cheaper.

4. A lot of work and maintenance is needed to ensure the safety of the granite surface. It is difficult to prevent granite from sliding when polished and rough when not polished. Authentic granite does not absorb water, so it is often slippery. If you mop the floor, water stains will stay on the floor. If the granite cleaner, detergent and stone soap on the market are used, the stone will gradually lose its waterproof performance and become porous and dull. In order to solve this problem, you can polish the floor with existing products, but unfortunately, these polishes may damage your floor and lead to floor fragmentation. Absorb the spilled water with thick paper. If necessary, please carefully select the polishing machine you use.

Granite shower looks great in the shower room, but if you don't know how to choose the right type, you will eventually waste your money and possibly a lot of your time. Take some time to study the various shower room stone choices on the market and make sure you make a wise decision when buying new shower room or rebuilding bathroom materials.

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