Factors affecting the cost of shower room

Factors affecting the cost of shower room

Choosing a suitable shower room is a crucial decision when upgrading bathrooms. However, the cost of installing a new shower may vary greatly due to several key factors. Understanding these factors can help you make wise choices that suit your budget and style preferences.

Glass thickness:

The shower entrance glass has various thicknesses, usually 4 to 10 millimeters. Thicker glass has higher durability, but it is also more expensive. Your choice of glass thickness will affect the overall cost of the casing.

Shower room size:

The size of the shower room is important. A larger shell requires more materials, which in turn increases the price. Choosing custom or custom sizes may further increase costs as it typically involves specialized construction.

Shower Room Style:

Although most shower room styles have reasonable prices, due to the complexity of materials and design, some shower rooms may have higher prices than other styles. The style you choose will affect the overall cost, but it is usually a moderate factor.

Shower room brand:

The prices of shower rooms vary among different brands. Thorough research is crucial, as higher prices do not always equate to better quality. Finding a reputable brand that balances quality and cost is crucial.


Customizing shower rooms with accessories such as shower drainers and handles can enhance their functionality and overall shower experience. However, these additional costs will increase the total cost of the shower room.

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