Forged brass or cast brass,which one is better for shower room hardware?

Forged brass or cast brass,which one is better for shower room hardware?

Brass is one of the high-quality raw materials used by many bathroom hardware manufacturers, which can be divided into forged brass and cast brass according to the different processing technology of brass. Today's article will state whether the quality of forged brass bathroom hardware is better or the quality of cast brass bathroom hardware is better.
1. Difference between forged brass and cast brass

The process of making forged brass is longer and more advanced than the process of casting brass. Forging is the process of heating metal, but still solid when heated, and placing it on a mold of a specific shape and using a forging machine to forge the specific shape. Forging requires very large forging machines, some up to 30 feet high, and specialized tools. Forged brass is a solid brass product that is virtually flawless.

The cast brass is heated until it melts and then poured into a mold with a specific shape. This process is very similar to pouring heated liquid jelly into a mold and waiting for it to cool down to form a specific shape. Usually, cast products are hollow and not durable.

2. Tips for distinguishing cast brass from forged brass hardware

2.1 Cast brass is much lighter than forged brass. Cast brass is hollow, while forged brass is solid. Forged brass is forged from solid brass profiles, so it is heavier, with better quality and relatively high price.
2.2 Small cavities and surface defects may occur in cast brass, while forged brass has a compact grain structure because the forging process is smoother.
2.3 Cast brass usually has no details of forged brass. Forging shows the real design more accurately.
2.4 Cast brass is not as durable as forged brass, so if any hardware in your house is loose, it is not forged brass.
3. Why is forged brass shower room hardware better brass ?

The forging brass process produces stronger and denser brass, which can accurately show the complexity of any design. Forged brass is harder than cast brass because it has undergone heat treatment and metallurgical processes. Forged brass can not only withstand stronger impact, but also have higher durability. Which makes the service life of the hardware longer.

This is why our shower hinges and glass clips are made of forged solid brass. I hope this will help our customers understand why our products use the highest quality solid forged brass. For questions regarding this article, please contact us (


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