How to Install the Glass Shower Door Handle?

How to Install the Glass Shower Door Handle?

Glass shower door handles are available in a variety of styles and sizes. At the most basic level, we need to decide whether to choose a pair of working back-to-back handles or a single mounting handle that can work individually. You can also choose whether it is a hollow handle or a solid handle. Some people prefer a heavier handle, while others don't like pushing the handle hard.

In terms of shape, there are few restrictions. For example, you can select a square or circle, an H-shape, or an arch. The important thing to keep in mind is that tempered glass cannot be cut. This means that the shower door handles need to be placed in the same space as the previous handle.
Back to Back 19mm diameter Pull handle

Here are the four steps to install the glass shower door handles.


1. Punching

First, the glass shower door needs to be perforated. The hole on the glass shower door is usually punched when cutting the glass. The hole used by the glass door handle should be made smaller first, and then made larger slowly. When installing the glass shower door handles, it is best if the shower door handles is slightly loose, but it can't be too loose, otherwise, shower door handles is not easy to be firm.


2. Gluing

Before installing the shower door handles, we should apply an appropriate amount of glass glue around the part where the door handle penetrates into the glass shower doors.

3. Fixing

The insertion part of the door handle is wrapped with soft tape to facilitate the fixing of the door handles. Then assemble the door handles, make the root of the door handle close to the glass, and then press the fixing screw to ensure that the door handle is not loose.

4. Processing

If it is not tempered glass for the glass door, use a 10mm glass drill bit to measure the hole distance (center to center) of the glass door handle, mark it on the glass door, water it, and punch it, and install it from the outside first. When screwing the long screws of the handle inside, don't leave the screws of the handle outside, so that the glass door handle can be removed from the outside.

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