How long does a bathroom renovation take?

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

Bathroom renovation is definitely not an overnight task, which requires a lot of time and energy. If you plan to renovate your master bathroom, there are many questions to consider. One of the most important questions is how long will it take to renovate the bathroom? In fact, this can be a long and challenging process. Considering the scope and size of the bathroom, the exact time to complete the work is also different. However, according to the bathroom renovation experts, it may take 3-4 weeks for the bathroom to complete all the work from the water pipe to the final decoration, but the answer largely depends on the scale of the renovation. Major modifications will take 4-6 weeks, but generally speaking, most modifications will take at least one month to complete. Today we have provided you with a general guideline to ensure that everything goes smoothly after the decoration is completed.

1. Demolish old bathroom (2-5 days) 

If your bathroom is made up of wood and panel walls, it will only take two to three days to dismantle it. If your bathroom is built of solid bricks, it may take more time to demolish.

2. Piping and electrical wiring installation (1-4 days)

The plumber laid the water and waste pipes in the correct position. This may take longer if the bathroom, shower, washbasin and toilet are relocated to make better use of the space. The electrician connects the cable to the correct lighting location and shower power supply. This may require cutting and repairing new channels in the wall, connecting new cables to existing circuits and testing, and updating safety switches. Any switches or other accessories will be connected later. Inspection of electrical works shall be completed before plastering commences.

3. Tiling (2-3 days)

The laying time depends on the number of tiles to be installed. If you just splash water around the washbasin and tiles, or splash water on the shower wall panel, it may only take a day to lay the tiles. However, it may take two to three days for the joints in larger areas to be hard or complex in shape.

4. New bathroom waterproof (2-3 days)

In this step, you will lay, set up, and prepare new walls and ceilings for the next phase. All this can be done in three days. Some families need to render because of the long drying time. Waterproof can be said to be the most important part of the whole bathroom decoration process. If done well, it should ensure a leak proof room for many years to come. If waterproof workers can not do their work well, it will lead to a very big problem.

5. Tile preparation and installation (1-3 days)

In this step, you install tiles, doors, and new walls.

6. Decoration and painting of new bathroom (1-3 days)

With the installation of the main washbasin and fixtures, the bathroom can now be painted according to your specifications after all the tiles and sheets are completed. After completion, all small new fixtures, such as faucet guides, toilet paper holders, mirrors and other trims, can now be installed.

The estimated schedule for each of the above tasks, but they are only estimates. The actual time range may be less than or more than the estimated time range.The above is all about today’s article, hoping it can do you a favor. Comments are welcome and let me know what you think.


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