How to adjust the Shower hinges?

How to adjust the Shower hinges?

In daily life, we often encounter the situation that the cabinet door cannot be closed tightly, so how to adjust the hinge?

1. How to adjust the Shower hinges?

1. Under normal circumstances, the Shower hinges is adjusted back and forth. First remove the fixing screw on the hinge seat, and then slightly change the position of the hinge arm. Generally, there is an adjustment area of 2.8 mm. Just tighten the screws.

Shower hinges

2. Use the cross-type quick assembly Shower hinges seat to adjust front and rear. This kind of cross-type quick assembly hinge seat is equipped with a movable eccentric cam. Rotating the cam can be adjusted within the range of minus 0.5 mm to plus 2.8 mm. Therefore, there is no It is necessary to loosen the other screws.

3. Use the side of the door panel to adjust the hinge of the shower room. After installation, there is no need to make any changes. The margin of the door is 0.7 mm, so the Shower hinges arm adjustment screw can be adjusted in the range of minus 0.5 mm to plus 0.5 mm. If thick door hinges or narrow door hinges are used, then this area needs to be reduced to minus 0.15 Mm.

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