How to choose between a clear or frosted glass shower door?

How to choose between a clear or frosted glass shower door?

Glass shower doors are beautiful, elegant and much easier to clean than traditional curtains. If you have decided to use a glass shower door, should you choose a frosted shower door or a clear shower door?

Clear glass shower doors

Clear glass shower doors allow natural light to flood the room and provide an uninterrupted view, making small spaces look larger. They are also more affordable than similar frosted glass designs.

However, while clear glass doors suit any design theme, they also do not offer privacy. This can be a potentially serious drawback if you share bathroom space with other members of the family. Clear surfaces also tend to collect fingerprints and show dirt, which means they need to be cleaned frequently.

Frosted glass shower doors

Unlike clear glass, frosted glass is opaque. This type of door offers you more privacy, which can keep your shower time private. This is a valuable feature for shared bathrooms. Many people also consider frosted glass to be more elegant and sophisticated than clear glass. The etched surface also hides fingerprints and smudges, so they may require less frequent cleaning.

However, they can make a small bathroom look smaller compared to a clear door due to blocking the view. The interior of the shower may also be darker than if you had chosen clear glass. Also frosted glass shower doors are more expensive than clear glass.

Both frosted and clear shower doors have their own advantages and disadvantages. How you choose between them ultimate depends on personal preference and  bathroom etc. If you are conscious of privacy, have a budget and have little time to clean your bathroom glass door, then a frosted shower door is for you. Conversely, if you want a brighter bathroom and have a small budget, then a clear shower door is a good choice.

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