How to choose between open showers and closed showers?

How to choose between open showers and closed showers?

Some people like closed showers because it is more private and looks fashionable. However, the open showers has also been loved by more and more people because it makes the small space look bigger. If you don't know whether to choose open shower or closed shower? Read the following article to analyze the pros and cons of open and closed shower, and find out you answer.

1. Visually open the bathroom:

Closed shower: advantages: homeowners who prefer private shower experience can choose closed shower. The shower can be completely transparent, translucent, or etched glass can provide more privacy. Disadvantages: this may take time and energy. If you don't like the glass being wet and splashed with water after each shower, you need to wash or dry the bathroom glass frequently after each use to avoid the accumulation of water droplets.

Open shower: advantages: the attraction of the barrier free open shower opens your bathroom, and you can see the wide view and the scenery outside the window. This modern style gives people a feeling of luxury spa or high-end hotel, which is enjoyed by homeowners. Disadvantages: many homeowners do not like the open and unprotected feeling of open shower. Although visually appealing, some homeowners still prefer to set up visual and physical barriers between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.

2. Functions to meet your shower needs:

Closed shower: especially in the guest room bathroom and master bathroom, because it is inevitable that guests and  or more people use the bathroom at the same time, and the enclosed shower provides this versatility without bringing pressure to the user. Closed shower also provides more space for users to store toiletries, and often sit on closed benches, etc.

Open shower: open shower has the advantage of no door access and is convenient for quick access. For those who need a "zero entry" shower. The open shower is also called "curbless shower", which can be used by wheelchairs, the elderly or people who need more convenient access. For ease of use, the curbless shower can also be equipped with a glass housing, but it should be larger to provide more free space and mobility.

Compared with the integrated shower and bathtub many years ago, open and closed showers are becoming more and more popular. Each type of shower has its advantages and disadvantages, but it depends on your lifestyle and usage, which will help you determine which one is best for your family. Comments are welcome and let me know what you think. For more information, please feel free to visit our website and contact us.( )

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