How to Choose Door Knobs for Shower Doors

How to Choose Door Knobs for Shower Doors

The shower in your bathroom is an effective way to enhance the value of your home and improve the ambiance. However, over time, glass hardware fittings in your shower may occur some problems such as broken handles, leaks, mold buildup, etc. Sometimes, replacing the glass hardware fittings is a more cost-effective solution rather than replacing the complete shower.

This article provides some guidelines to find the best shower glass door knobs according to your needs, including shower door handle parts, styles, colors, and replacement tips to help you choose the best door handle for your bathroom.

What are shower glass door knobs?

Door knobs for shower doors offer a more comfortable way to allow you to open the glass door more easily when entering and exiting the shower. However, what is often overlooked is that they are excellent for personalizing your bathroom shower.

It's no wonder many homeowners often do a lot of research before choosing shower glass door knobs and other glass hardware fittings. Perhaps a few more budgets or discovering a few more glass door hardware suppliers can make your bathroom more luxurious and beautiful.

Types of Door Knobs For Shower Doors

Door knobs for shower doors are available in different shapes and designs, with some common shapes - oval, round, square, rectangular, etc. However, suppose you want to add something unique to the shower design. In that case, there are also more interesting or unusual shapes to choose from and a variety of textures and patterns for further customization. The shower glass door knobs are always a great choice to enhance the aesthetics and function in many cases.
  • Glass Door Handle: "H" type handles on both sides, "H" type single side handle, acrylic single-sided/double-sided handle, antique style handle on both sides, round double-sided handle, arched handle, round handle, round single handle, tube handle, square handle…
  • Shower Glass Door Knobs: shower door pull knobs, nickel shower door knobs, brass shower door knobs, single sided shower door knobs, shower screen door knobs, sliding shower door knobs, glass shower screen door knobs, frameless shower door knobs…

Finishes of Shower Glass Door Knobs

In most cases, glass door hardware will be unified into one color or finish to create a blended and harmonious feel. The most common colors or finishes for shower door hardware are, of course, gold and silver. Due to their aesthetic appeal and reflective nature, these colors are the best choices for building a classic look.

Of course, the shower door pull knobs you can find on the market come with a wide range of different finishes to choose from. The common finishes of door knobs for shower doors are as follows: white, brushed gold/bronze, antique pewter, etc. And nickel shower door knobs are also a popular option available in various finishes, including polished nickel, satin nickel, brushed stainless steel nickel, and so on.

In conclusion, when choosing glass hardware fittings, remember always to put functionality first, as the most crucial job of the hardware is to ensure that your glass doors are securely and firmly attached.


Since the bathroom is easily one of the wettest areas in the home, it is essential to choose glass hardware fittings that react the least to moisture and still function well without rusting. Loire hardware provides beautiful aesthetics as well as top-quality shower glass door knobs & glass door hardware that makes frameless shower doors not only look fantastic but will bring lasting durability and beauty to your home's life.

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