How to distinguish the quality of a sliding shower door?

How to distinguish the quality of a sliding shower door?

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When buying a shower room, in addition to paying attention to the shower room itself, the sliding door is also an extremely important structure. Sliding doors may seem simple, but in fact, they contain many problems that need consumers' attention. Therefore, in order to enable consumers to purchase truly high-quality sliding doors for shower rooms, the following contents show consumers the necessary skills to purchase sliding doors, so as to prevent consumers from falling into the traps designed by merchants and suffering losses.

First, what is the sliding door of the shower room made of? When the sliding door is opened and closed, we need to pay attention to the quality of the pulley. When opening and closing, we pay attention to the amplitude and time before the door stabilizes. It is a common phenomenon that high-quality sliding doors will be fixed immediately after closing without excessive amplitude. The pulley door with poor quality will vibrate several times after it is closed before it is really fixed. Although the number of oscillations is only two to three times, this is sufficient to indicate that there are some problems with the quality of the pulley.

Second, listen to the sound to determine the quality of the sliding door in the shower. In fact, the sound is caused by the collision and friction between the pulley and the rail. If the pulley and track are of good quality, there will not be so much noise. Like the glass door of the office building, if we hear a very loud sound, it indicates that the quality of this door is not good at all, and it is particularly prone to problems. Of course, this kind of sound is unavoidable, because friction or collision itself has sound. After a period of time, the sound will become louder and louder. Therefore, sound is one of the easiest ways to distinguish the quality of sliding doors.

Finally, pay attention to whether the sliding door is installed smoothly. The sliding door with good quality is easy to install, because the sliding door design matches the whole shower room very well, so the sliding door can get the best effect. In addition, pay attention to this situation within one month after the installation of the sliding door.

Therefore, as long as you know these three methods when buying, you can avoid buying inferior shower rooms. In fact, we can select the sliding door that meets the requirements through one of the methods. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below!

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