How to install a new glass shower door handle?

How to install a new glass shower door handle?

Before installing any new shower door handle, we always recommend that you clean the glass once. Dirt and scale can easily accumulate around the door handle, and there is likely to be residue from the previous handle. This can be done with a piece of cloth and scale remover.

1. For a double-sided handle

1.1 First, check whether there is any obvious difference between the two handles. This may indicate that one of them is for you to use on the inner surface of the shower. For example, it is designed for better grasping.

1.2 Determine the natural and functional position of the exterior door handle and align it with the pre-existing hole on the glass.

1.3 To help protect the glass and form a seal, some shower door handles have small rubber gaskets. These need to be installed at the end of the handle shaft.

1.4 Once the exterior door handle is in place, you should fix it with masking tape.

1.5 Align the interior glass shower door handle with the exterior handle, and screw them to the proper position. Then you can remove the masking tape.

2. For single-sided handle

The same principle applies, but you need to install an end cover on the position of the inner handle. To get a tight fit, you may need to use pliers again. However, you need to be careful not to scratch or damage metal or glass. To help prevent this, we recommend covering the end cover with a piece of cloth.

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