How to make your bathroom look bigger and more beautiful?

How to make your bathroom look bigger and more beautiful?

The spacious and fashionable bathroom is the dream of many homeowners. With some ingenious design techniques, you can change the appearance of your bathroom to make it look brighter and larger. Read on and find five ideas to make your bathroom look bigger.

1. Use transparent glass plate in the shower

Replace your shower curtain with glass plate or glass door, because it can form a visual wall. This makes the whole room look bigger. If a frameless corner glass shower room is used, all visual obstacles will be eliminated.

2. Select wall-mounted lamps and devices

If your bathroom space is small and you want to have some much-needed breathing space, then a good strategy is to choose wall-mounted fixtures and equipment. From toilet and washbasin to toilet paper holder and toilet brush, all accessories can be installed on the wall to make your floor look longer.

3. Choose a light color

So what color can make the bathroom look bigger? According to the basic design principles, light colors such as white, cream, light blue, gray or yellow will expand the room visually, while dark colors such as dark red, green or brown will make the room feel smaller. Light color can reflect light, especially white, while dark color can easily absorb light, making the small bathroom have a closed feeling.

4. Use smart storage options

Chaos makes any room feel smaller. Use smart storage solutions, such as drawer insertion, wall-mounted guide rail, vanity with storage space below, and shelf on the door, to keep all necessities clean and within reach. This will make the space feel less crowded and give you more space to walk.

5. Add additional light

Light is the most basic element for the best effect of the bathroom. Good lighting can immediately make any space look more open and larger. However, there is often not much natural light available in the bathroom. So you can buy a lamp that can illuminate the bathroom mirror. This will also improve the atmosphere of the whole bathroom.

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