How to Select and Maintain Shower Door Pull Handles?

How to Select and Maintain Shower Door Pull Handles?

Because of the heavy moisture in shower room, the shower door pull handle material must be mainly rustproof materials and finish treament. The rustproof ability of stainless steel 304 is better than stainless steel 201. 

The first thing to pay attention to is the material of the handle. Most manufacturers on the market use 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel has high strength and strong rust resistance. It is naturally the best to make shower room handles; the surface of the handle is usually It needs to be chamfered, in order to avoid hurting hands when touching, the shower hardware manufacturer-Loire Hardware Factory also reminds everyone not to choose sharp, sharp, flexible handles when purchasing, these three types of handle strength Low, short service life, smooth touch and stable structure should be selected.

The handle can be used not only to open and close the glass door, but also to hang bathrobes or clothes, and if you accidentally fall during the shower, it can also be used as a handrail, especially if there are elderly people in the house, because the old people's actions are more important than those of the young people. Slowly, so the effect of the handle is also great.

But, the handle also needs to be maintained. The long-term retention of hardware products and stainless steel handles requires daily maintenance, and the accurate way can extend the service life. In daily life, you can adjust the tightness of the glass regularly to make it more stable; if you want to clean it, you can use a neutral detergent to wipe it, and then rinse it with water, and finally Wipe dry with a soft towel. Usually pay attention to 6 points:

1. If there are serious stains or scratches, fireworks, etc. on the surface of the stainless steel handle, gently wipe the surface with fine sandpaper (400-500) and then wipe it with a cleaning cloth.

2. Ensure that the hardware accessories are clean. In the process of use, the surface water stains caused by carelessness shall be wiped dry after use to ensure that the surface of the stainless steel handle is clean and dry.

3. Do not scratch the surface with sharp and hard objects, wipe it with a wet cloth or wet cloth dipped in neutral detergent or detergent, and then wipe water on it.

4. Metal guide rails, hinges, hinges, etc. shall be lubricated on time to ensure portability and lubrication.

5. Do not put high-temperature tea cups or other high-temperature items directly on furniture hardware accessories. Use tripod, insulation pad, etc. to prevent surface discoloration or blistering.

6. Do not knock with hard objects or scratch the surface of hardware accessories with sharp tools to prevent contact with hydrochloric acid, salt, salt and other properties.

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