How to select the glass for shower room

How to select the glass for shower room

In a shower room, glass is the most important part, and it is also a component with high activity frequency in daily use. There is no doubt that it related to the overall of shower room and our safety. Therefore, we must pay attention to the quality of the glass.

In fact, there are special requirements for the glass used to make the shower room. Ordinary glass can not be used to make shower room, we must use tempered glass! There are 3 reasons that why we must use tempered glass for shower room.

1. High strength and resistance
The impact strength and bending strength of tempered glass is 3 ~ 5 times that of ordinary glass with the same thickness.

2. Good thermal stability
Tempered glass can withstand 3 times the temperature difference of ordinary glass. It can withstand the temperature difference change of 300 ℃, and can adapt to the environment of rapid temperature change, cold or hot.

3. Strong safety performance
The fragmentation of ordinary glass will produce sharp edges and may hurt people. When the tempered glass is damaged, the fragments will be small particles with obtuse angles similar to honeycomb, which is not easy to get hurt.

The thickness of tempered glass in shower rooms produced by different manufacturers is different. The common thickness is 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. But it doesn’t say that the thicker the tempered glass is, the safer it is.

If the glass is too thick and has the following problems:

--it is difficult to achieve complete tempering
For some small brand shower room manufacturers, it is difficult to fully toughen the glass with a thickness of more than 10mm, resulting in glass fragmentation and potential safety hazards.

--poor thermal conductivity
One of the main reasons for the self explosion of the shower room glass is the uneven heat dissipation in various places. The thicker the glass, the greater the probability of glass burst.

--increase pressure on hardware fittings
The glass thickness increases, which is directly proportional to the weight, and the pressure on the frame and hardware accessories also increases. If the strength and load-bearing performance of the frame and hardware accessories are not improved accordingly, the service life will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, the most suitable thickness of shower glass is 6mm-8mm.

Also different styles have different requirements for the thickness of glass in the shower room

Most sliding door shower rooms use 6mm and 8mm glass, while most swing door shower rooms use 8mm and 10mm thick glass.

The sliding door shower room should consider the bearing of the guide rail. The weight of 6mm glass per square meter is about 15kg, that of 8mm thick glass is about 20kg, and that of 10mm thick glass is about 25kg. The weight of the glass will put pressure on the guide rail, and the thicker the glass is, the greater the weight is. Therefore, the sliding door shower room usually selects the glass with slightly lower thickness.

The swing door shower room has various styles and pays more attention to the design. Without considering the bearing capacity of the guide rail, designers usually choose thicker glass, especially the high-end shower room, to highlight the overall design texture. Loire is a factory with more than 20years experience of shower room hardware, specializing in R & D and manufacturing.

Therefore, pay attention to all aspects above when selecting the glass for your shower room. If you have any doubt about the shower hardware, kindly feel feel to contact Loire.

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