Installation Method of Wall-Mounted Toilet

Installation Method of Wall-Mounted Toilet

Recently, many people asked why so many people choose wall-mounted toilets. To be honest, this question is difficult to answer, but I can introduce the installation method of wall mounted toilet so that we can consider whether to choose wall mounted toilet.

1. Determine the Installation Height of the Toilet

Different types of tanks have different installation heights, and the adjustable leg at the top and bottom of the bracket is 2050 pxcm. The adjustable leg of the bracket can be adjusted to 500pxcm without lengthening. The adjustable strut at the top and bottom of the bracket is 2050 pxcm.

2. Install the Water Tank Bracket

The tank support is mainly fixed by four screws, two on the upper part of the support and two on the support leg. At the same time, all screws on the fuel tank bracket must be tightened. During installation, ensure that the water tank supports surface is horizontal and vertical.
Installation Method of Wall-Mounted Toilet

3. Connect the Water Pipe

When connecting the water pipe, the water inlet of the water tank shall be connected with the indoor water supply pipe (hard pipe) to the water inlet angle valve of the water tank. It is strictly prohibited to install matching angle valves inside and outside the water tank so as to avoid the water tank cannot be closed and closed during cleaning and maintenance. Do not connect the water supply pipe and the water tank angle valve with a hose. Pipe pressure and hose quality can cause leaks. In case of leakage, it shall be damaged first and then repaired.

4. Install the Drain Pipe

When installing the drain pipe, if the concealed water tank is installed in the original pit, the short pipe connecting the water tank and the drain pipe must be greater than 90 degrees to prevent blockage.

5. Installation of Protective Device

All protective devices shall be installed before making false walls and decorative layers.

6. Installation of False Wall

The sound insulation pad is installed, the false wall is decorated, and the tiles are pasted. Then place the sound insulation pad on the decorative wall. And after the toilet is installed, cut off the excess insulation pad.

If you say, I don't know how to install a wall toilet. Or, if you find it troublesome, you can consider finding a professional installer to install in your local area.

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