Installation of Mixing Valve in Shower Room and its Installation Height

Installation of Mixing Valve in Shower Room and its Installation Height

If you want to install the mixing valve in the shower room, this article is very suitable for you to read. The mixing valve is used to mix hot water and cold water. The valve itself is immiscible. Only connect cold and hot water pipes for mixing.

1. Installation of Mixing Valve in the Shower Room

1.1 Unscrew the top thread on the handle with a cross screwdriver and pull the handle outward to separate it from the rocker arm of the reel. It should be noted that the handle is generally made of cast copper, with a "loose" metal structure and poor corrosion resistance. In the process of disassembly, pay attention not to exert too much force, otherwise, the square opening of the handle is easy to crack.

1.2 Please note that the nut is a thin-walled round part, which is easy to be damaged and deformed during disassembly. If the nut cannot be removed, you can tap the side and turn it when loosening.

1.3 Remove the valve core after removing the compression nut. However, before placing a new valve core, the inner bottom surface of the valve core installation chamber must be carefully inspected and pretreated.

1.4 Put the new valve core into the valve body cavity, align the two locating holes at the bottom, tighten the nuts, and install the handle after confirmation. When installing the handle, the handle shall be able to fit closely with the rocker arm square hole of the square section of the valve core.

2. Installation Height of Mixing Valve in Shower

2.1 The height of the mixing valve is generally 1.2~1.5m. According to the average height of family members, it is the best.

2.2 The concealed shower head is only open to one shower head. The shower mixing valve is installed in the middle of the bathtub at the left and right positions, 1.5-2 meters high from the bathtub. The outlet of the jacuzzi is reserved according to the model, and the mixing valve hole spacing is generally kept at 1.5m.

The above is for mix valve installation. Users can try to install it by themselves, which will fill them with a sense of achievement!

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