Installation Procedure of Sliding Glass Door Lock

Installation Procedure of Sliding Glass Door Lock


In many houses, sliding glass doors are installed on balconies or bathrooms. Sliding glass doors have many advantages. They are simple and generous, do not take up space, and have good use effect. Therefore, when we install the sliding glass door, there is another problem to consider, that is, the locking of the sliding glass door. The following steps, I hope you will find it helpful to introduce sliding glass doors.

The first step is to install the sliding glass door according to the thickness of our home, place the lock body on the door frame, and install screws at each place to see whether the lock body is installed correctly and whether there is any instability. We can select the sliding glass door lock at a lower position, and can actively keep the door open without drilling or cutting. At the bottom of the sliding glass door, we need to clean the pipe, because the lock of the sliding glass door will touch the track itself and stop sliding. If there is dust on the door frame at this time, it will affect the locking.

The second step is that we need to clean the gate rail, which can be cleaned with a brush. Then cut the anti-skid belt a little short and put it at the place closest to the edge of the sliding glass door. The side channel of the track is the closed place, so the handle will be higher and the metal lock will slide.

The surface material of lamps generally adopts timely hard glass, and specific manufacturers will adopt different types of timely hard glass. When selecting, it mainly depends on whether the lamp surface is uniform. If the surface is uneven, it may even cause explosion, and then see if the connection between the double line and the lamp body is tight. If there is a heated hair dryer, check whether the hair dryer system can send hot air to 1.8~2m, so that users will not feel inadequate temperature when taking a bath.

Third, we need to tighten the screws on the door lock. We can use tools such as a screwdriver or a hexagon wrench. The lock position shall be set at the edge of the sliding glass door to avoid being opened. After that, we need to try whether it can be used normally. If there is any problem, we need to adjust it in time. Then we insert the key into the lock body for debugging. If there is no problem, the installation is completed. The installation steps of the sliding glass door lock are explained here. If you have any questions, you can consult a professional.


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