Installation Steps for Bathroom Mirrors

Installation Steps for Bathroom Mirrors

For the installation of bathroom mirrors, our bathroom is generally equipped with a mirror, which is convenient for us to see the mirror in the bathroom, especially for those who love beauty, there must be a mirror. Generally speaking, the installation of mirrors is relatively simple. Today we will briefly discuss the steps for installing bathroom mirrors.

1. Assemble a Bathroom Mirror Frame

The bathroom mirror in the master bathroom has a partition, but it needs to be installed in front of the equipment. The assembly method is straightforward. It can be fixed with nails and screwdrivers. The mirror of the second protective cover does not need to be equipped with a baffle, but the fasteners for hanging nails at the back are not installed and need to be installed in advance. To install, measure the direction, and then use a screwdriver to secure the fasteners to the back of the bathroom.

2. Measuring Bathroom Mirror Devices

The height of the bathroom mirror is usually about 20 centimeters above the tabletop. The time division of equipment requires first determining the direction and installation direction of the equipment. Use a tape measure and a colored pen to locate it.

3. Drilling holes and rubber particles

The drill bit is the same as the drill bit on the main protection device, and the impact drill is mainly used for drilling in the direction. Then use a hammer to insert the colloidal particles into the holes.

4. Equipment Hanging Nails

Next, push the screws into the holes of the device, but leave a small portion. Not all screws can fit into the hole. The protruding part of the nail is only used to hang a mirror.

5. Install a Mirror

After installing the nails, the fixing block of the mirror can be aligned with the nails, and the mirror can be hung on the nails. If there are any errors, use a hammer to change the inclination of the nail slightly. Many people believe hanging a bathroom mirror on two nails is unstable, but installation experts say there is no need to worry. Because nails and fasteners can be locked, and in addition, after the installation of the device, a layer of fixing adhesive is applied to the frame for fixation.

In summary, there are five main steps for installing bathroom mirrors. It looks simple, now you can try installing it yourself.

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