Method for Checking and Repairing Water Leakage in Shower Doors

Method for Checking and Repairing Water Leakage in Shower Doors

Water leakage in shower doors is usually caused by damaged or aged door seals. Normal aging and wear can cause the sealing strip at the bottom of the door to break, crack, or have poor sealing. Replacing sealing strips provides a cheap solution to the problem, although these sealing strips look like plastic, they are usually made of rubber or vinyl because these materials have a longer lifespan. The type of sealing strip must depend on the design of your shower door.

Check the bottom of the shower door and determine the plastic sealing connection method. The sealing strip usually slides into the channel at the bottom of the door or is placed between the bottom of the door and the metal drip rail. If plastic sealing channels are required, remove the metal drip rod. The railing is fixed to the door with small screws. For channel-type seals, pull the old plastic tape out of the track channel. If necessary, use pointed nose pliers to clamp the steel strip and pull it out.

Wipe the doorway and bottom railing with a damp cloth to remove dirt and soap residue. Use an amino cleaner to remove dirt and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

If applicable, remove the adhesive backing from the new seal. Not all seals have adhesive. Slide the sealing strip into the pipeline and use pliers to pull it in place if necessary. For those placed behind the drip rail, attach the adhesive part to the bottom edge of the door, and hang the plastic sealing part under the door frame.

Use a multi-purpose knife to flush the excess sealing length with the edge of the door. Place a small bead of silicone filler at the end of the tape to prevent moisture from entering the channel and replace the drip rod.
The tools required include a screwdriver, pointed nose pliers, cloth, tool knife, and silicone twist joint.

Finally, please remove the old sealing strip in advance and carry it with you when purchasing a new one. This ensures that you purchase the correct type of sealed shower door.

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