Precautions for installing of overall shower room

Precautions for installing of overall shower room

Nowadays, many people decorate and install integrated shower rooms in the bathroom. The installation of an overall shower room helps to separate wet and dry areas in the bathroom and ensure hygiene. However, we often hear news of shower room explosions, and many people are concerned about whether there is a quality issue with the shower room. There are quality reasons for the explosion of the shower room, and installation is also a factor that cannot be ignored. There is a saying in the decoration industry that 30% relies on products and 70% relies on installation technology. The importance of installing a shower room is evident. So, what are the precautions for installing a shower room? Let's take a look at the installation precautions for the shower room now!

1. What is the Size of the Bathroom to Make a Shower Room?

There is no fixed answer to this question. Whether a shower room can be installed is not only related to the area of the bathroom but also to the current shape of the shower room. Firstly, let's take a look at the area of the bathroom. Generally, the bathroom area of an ordinary family is between 3-7 square meters, while the common shapes of shower rooms on the market include straight, square, curved, diamond, and so on. Different shapes are suitable for different sizes of bathrooms. Generally speaking, if the bathroom area is small and relatively narrow, a shower room door can be installed, and a 60 cm wide bathroom can be equipped with a shower room swing door; If you want to install a straight sliding door, you need the distance between the walls on both sides of the bathroom to be at least 1.2 meters; For those less than 1.2 meters and greater than 90 centimeters, it is recommended to use a triple door shower room. If you plan to install a diamond-shaped or curved shower room, it is best to reserve a bathroom area of 80 * 80 or more.

2. At what Stage can Shower Room Measurements be Arranged?

To install a shower room, the first step is to measure the reserved installation area in the bathroom. It is recommended not to measure it too early, as this may result in inaccurate data after installing floor tiles and suspended ceilings. It is best to measure after laying the wall and floor tiles in the bathroom. If the shower room needs to be capped, wait until the ceiling is also completed before measuring the data.

3. When will the Water-Blocking Strip be Embedded and the Shower Room be Installed?

Generally, shower rooms have water barriers, and the best time to install a water barrier is to synchronize with tiling. When tiling, the water barrier is also easily installed, and usually decoration companies will include the water barrier project; It is best to install a shower room after major cleaning.

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