Precautions for Installing Shower in Bathroom

Precautions for Installing Shower in Bathroom

Nowadays, the bathroom in the residence is equipped with a shower. Do you know the precautions for installing a shower in the bathroom? If you want to renovate the bathroom or install the bathroom, you can take a look at the precautions for installing the shower in these bathrooms.


1. Installation Steps

1.1 Screw the cover of the cold and hot water outlet of the shower and install the S-type joint. This joint can adjust the direction to facilitate the connection with the shower faucet. The joint shall be wrapped with adhesive tape, and the number of turns shall not be less than 30 to prevent water leakage of the water pipe.

1.2 The filter screen must be installed before installing the shower faucet. The filter screen can filter the sand brought by the water flow. Although it may be blocked, it can protect the most important part of the faucet - the valve core from the damage of sand friction.

1.3 Use a level gauge to measure whether the faucet is installed horizontally, and then install the sprinkler bar, nozzle and other components. Acceptance method of the owner: shake the sprinkler bar to check whether it is firm, whether the switch is smooth, and whether the water pipe leaks. Installation data of shower: the faucet of shower should be 1 meter away from the ground. The height of the lifting rod sprinkler head should be 2 meters. This distance just allows the water to cover the whole body, and the water flow intensity is appropriate. The installation height of the movable shower handle is usually 1.7 meters, which needs to be adjusted according to the height of the user. The most suitable distance is that a person stands on the ground and can reach the shower handle slightly, otherwise it is too high, and it is easy to stand unsteadily when holding the shower with feet, resulting in safety accidents.

2. Installation Precautions

2.1 The sprinkler shall be installed according to the actual needs of the owner: when determining the installation height of the sprinkler, the installation personnel shall determine the most suitable height according to the trial situation of the owner's site to facilitate the owner's future use.

2.2 Protect the faucet with cloth: When tightening the faucet, careful people will wrap the screw cap of the faucet with thick cloth or plastic film to prevent the faucet from being scratched by the wrench.

2.3 Clean up the dust on the site after installation: it is inevitable that some dust and dust will be generated during the installation process. It should be cleaned after the installation work is completed to ensure the site is clean and can be washed with water once.

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