Shower Hardware Finish-Baking Painting

Shower Hardware Finish-Baking Painting

In the previous article, we learned that electroplating is one of the surface treatment methods of our shower room hardware, so do you know other shower hardware finishes?

Next, let's take a look at shower hardware finish-baking painting with the shower room hardware company - Loire Hardware Co. Limited, which specializes in glass hardware for shower hinges, shower glass clamps, doorknobs, shower sliding door kits & other related accessories for over 21 years.

1. Basic knowledge of baking painting

Baking paint, a new spray paint production method in metal manufacturing. The method is to spray several layers of paint on a substrate that has been polished to a certain degree of roughness and then set it at a high temperature. This process currently has higher requirements for paint and good color rendering. Compared with spray paint, the process steps of baking paint are more complicated and cumbersome. In terms of service life, the surface of baking paint is stronger than spray paint.

As far as the process is concerned, the main difference between the baking painting and spraying painting of the shower room hardware is that the paint is sprayed on the surface of the shower room hardware and then dried and hardened at the constant temperature environment of the baking room. While the spraying painting is naturally dried and naturally hardened after spraying.

2. Categories of baking painting

Baking paintings are divided into two categories. One type of low-temperature baking painting has a curing temperature of 140-180°, and the other is called a high-temperature baking painting with a curing temperature of 280°-400°. Among them, there are few practical applications of low-temperature baking painting, and the actual application of high-temperature baking painting is extensive, so here I will mainly introduce high-temperature baking painting.

3. Characteristics of high-temperature baking painting  

The high-temperature baking paint process combines heat resistance, chemical inertness, excellent insulation stability, and low friction, and has comprehensive advantages that spray paint cannot compete. The flexibility of its application allows it to be used in almost all shapes and sizes of products, with various properties such as corrosion resistance, heat resistance, sliding properties, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, non-stickiness, etc.

And a good paint effect can be achieved with good paint. The Loire, using a special material of paint, makes our shower products have good corrosion resistance and adhesion properties which attach great importance to our shower enclosure. And our shower hardware products of baking paint has passed the 100 Grid Test, that is, the adhesion test, which shows that our products have good adhesion performance. To be specific, it means that painting is of great difficulty to fall off and can protect our shower hardware from corroding. 




Baking painting is one of the more advanced painting processes, and generally small workshops are restricted by their strength and for cost-saving considerations, they choose spray painting, which is completely incomparable with baking paints. shower hardware products with baking painting have advantages in terms of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, sliding properties, moisture resistance, and service life. Therefore, it is reasonable that the products of the baking painting are more expensive.

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