Shower hardware finish-oil rubbed bronze (ORB)

Shower hardware finish-oil rubbed bronze (ORB)

In the previous articles, we learned that several surface treatment methods of our shower room hardware. Now, let's take a look at shower hardware finish-oil rubbed bronze(ORB) with the shower room hardware company - Loire Hardware Co. Limited, which specializes in glass hardware for shower hinges, shower glass clamps, doorknobs, shower sliding door kits & other related accessories for over 21 years.

A brief history of bronze

Bronze is the first alloy in history. History tells us that it was discovered around 3500-4000 BC. The mixture of copper and tin creates a multifunctional metal that is much harder than its constituent metal. Archaeological excavations revealed many domestic and military objects, such as swords, knives, coins, and bowls. It is famous for casting sculptures.

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Color of bronze

The natural color of bronze is actually quite golden. High quality bronze is usually made of up to 90% copper. High-copper content will react with the atmosphere to produce copper rust of different colors.

Oil rubbed bronze(ORB)

In recent years, with the development of society, the application of copper in all walks of life is no longer limited to the application of original copper, and more elements of product grade and decorative effects have been added. Many products including kitchen and shower room hardware such as doorknobs, handles, hinges, and so on are used after antique treatment.

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The ORB process is to oxidize and dye the copper or copper-plated surface into  bronze or black color, followed by wire drawing or polishing, and finally spraying oil.

Unlike the bronze color, ORB is black and brown(our products adopting matte black), and the edges and corners will have red draw lines after wire drawing. The products processed by ORB will show a delicate hand feel, give them a low-key and deep connotation color, and have a strong retro flavor.

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Bronze takes many years to darken. In order to simulate the natural luster of aging bronze, finish oil can be used to darken the metal. ORB is ideal for traditional homes wanting to re-create authentic antiqued details.

ORB is also known as "live finish". Over time, the finish will wear, and the darker surface will begin to show lighter copper highlights.

Here is the introduction to the shower hardware finish-oil rubbed bronze(ORB). If you have any other questions, you can contact us directly.

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