Shower Hardware of Frameless Shower Doors

Shower Hardware of Frameless Shower Doors

When building your own frameless shower door, there is some important shower hardware to consider. The exact type of hardware will depend on customer preference, such as shower room design, door type, etc. To give you an idea of the metal parts to consider, here's an overview of hardware commonly used in frameless glass shower enclosures.

The major shower hardware

The major shower hardware needed for frameless shower doors include hinges, pulls or handles, glass clips or brackets, U channels, rollers, and sealing strips.

Shower Hinge

Shower doors are supported by hinges that allow the door to be opened and closed. There are different types of shower hinges. Before buying certain components, you need to make sure the specific door type you're going to build.

Pull or Handle

Another important hardware of frameless shower door is the handle. Whether you have a sliding or swinging door, you need a handle or pull to access your shower door. The handles and pulls come in a variety of designs and finishes, you can choose the one that matches your bathroom design.

Glass Clip or Bracket

Glass clips are used to attach glass to glass and to other surfaces on frameless enclosures. Also, brackets are needed to hold the glasses, especially if your shower door enclosure is built into a corner.

U Channel

Next is the u channel. It facilitates securing the bottom and top of the shower enclosure for safe use. Keep in mind that there are different u-channels available depending on the type of door you are using.


Round metal rollers are used for door operation for sliding door systems.

Sealing Strips

Another equally important part of your shower door is the sealing strips. They can help to prevent water from entering the shower enclosure, thus avoiding water overflow in the bathroom.

Always choose something that suits your needs and don't over decorate. Always keep it simple when it comes to choosing the right door hardware for your everyday lifestyle.

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