About Shower Hinges? | 4 Things You Need to Know

About Shower Hinges? | 4 Things You Need to Know

What’s Shower Hinges?

More and more people are installing glass shower doors that can make your shower room brighter.

So for the glass shower door, the hinge has become an indispensable part.

The shower room hinge is composed of movable parts or foldable materials. It connects to a fixed glass panel or wall, or shower room.
The door leaf bracket is suspended and a mechanical device that allows rotation between the two to realize the rotation of the door leaf.

What’s the Effect of Shower Hinges?

Hinges are very common in our daily lives, and we generally rarely notice them. It is widely used in doors, windows, and cabinets, and is important hardware, but it is easy for many people to ignore its existence. Shower door hinges are also one of its applications.

The main function of the shower room hinge is to hang the shower glass door support to realize the free rotation of the shower door. In addition, it can provide a buffer function when the door is closed, reducing noise and friction.

The Main Performance Indicators of the Shower Hinge

The most important performance index of a hinge is its load-bearing performance. The load-bearing performance index of the hinge is usually 10KG as a graded unit. Generally speaking, for hinges with high load-bearing performance, the values of hinge height, hinge shaft diameter and sheet thickness will be larger.

Other performance indicators include the service life of the hinge and corrosion resistance. But according to different standard systems and test methods, different types of hinges have different indicators. For example, the requirements of the amount of deformation, and more stringent requirements for resistance to elastic deformation and plastic deformation.

Different Types of Shower Hinges

Shower room hinges are hardware used on shower room doors and windows.
According to the material classification, it is mainly divided into stainless steel hinges and iron hinges.
According to different types, it can also be divided into Standard Duty Shower Hinges, Heavy Duty Shower Hinges, Pivot Shower HingesLift Shower Hinges, and so on.
standard duty shower hinge
heavy duty shower hinge
pivot shower hinge
applicable hinge
Applicable Scene


Although the shower hinge is only an inconspicuous part, choosing the right hinge is also a thing that cannot be ignored.

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