Shower Room Hardware Finish - Stain Brass(PB)

Shower Room Hardware Finish - Stain Brass(PB)

Loire Hardware Co., Limited which is a professional factory making & developing shower hardware and glass hardware for over 21years. Products range includes shower hinges, door handles, doorknobs, sliding system hardware, glass hardware. 

In addition to choosing the matching hardware for your bathroom, it is also very important to find the finish of the hardware that matches the style of your bathroom. We offer a wide variety of finishes to meet your unique aesthetic preferences. In recent years, we have seen that brass hardware is loved by more and more families. Brass also has many finishing options - including Polished Brass, Satin Brass and Antique Brass. Today we will talk about Satin Brass finish.

Satin Brass

Satin Brass is usually treated with a top coat or varnish to maintain a beautiful surface over time. Satin Brass is softer than Polished Brass, which makes it a good addition to bright and dark bathrooms. This surface looks dull and smooth, not as shiny as Polished Brass. Because it has no luster, there won't be as many fingerprints and water stains as on polished brass. Satin Brass looks beautiful when used with contemporary or modern decorative styles. This kind of finish is relatively expensive and difficult to buy in stores. It is also difficult to find accessories that match the matte finish.

Merit: First of all it is easy to keep clean because of its matte finish. It doesn't have the sheen of a polished look, so the matte finish won't show any fingerprints and stains on hardware surfaces. At the same time, satin brass has an elegant and warm tone that works well with decorating styles in traditional bathrooms as well as in more contemporary spaces.

Demerit: Satin brass hardware is more expensive than other finishes because it may be difficult to find. This may also mean that it has fewer styles, so it is difficult to find matching accessories in your other space.

The above are all about a shower room finish Satin Brass, In the next article, we will continue to talk more finish about shower room hardware. Comments are welcome and let me know what you think.

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