Six Bathroom Design Trend in 2022

Six Bathroom Design Trend in 2022

This article will discuss the differences between brass and zinc alloy from the price comparison of brass and zinc alloy, the fields in which brass and zinc alloy are used as materials, and how to distinguish the two products.

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If there is a well-designed and fashionable bathroom, people's life will change a lot. It is a place where people go every day, so understanding the bathroom trend can help people choose a bathroom suitable for their family decoration style. With the development of time, the design style and decoration concept of the bathroom have also undergone some changes. The bathroom concept, including materials, finishes, colors and patterns, is constantly changing, and 2022 is no exception.

Adding plants to bathroom design

Adding a series of natural elements such as indoor plants to bathroom interior design has become a trend in bathroom design, which can create a quiet environment for people, release pressure and alleviate anxiety. In addition, if we often use plants to add to the bathroom design, it can not only increase the beauty of the bathroom, but also help to improve the indoor air quality.

Aged brass hardware is very popular in bathroom design

The finish of bathroom hardware has such a great impact on the overall appearance and feeling of the space. Among them, aging Brass Bathroom Hardware has become more and more popular in home design in recent years. Because of its simple design, it not only adds warmth to the shower room, but also complements with ceramic tile bathroom and classic marble bathroom. Ancient brass bathroom hardware can be used in almost any bathroom scheme.

The classic black and white bathroom style is enduring

In the bathroom design, compared with many of the latest popular colors, the classic black or white bathroom style will never be out of date. Because the style of black and white is always in line with the public's aesthetics, in which the eye-catching and smooth matte black is a modern classic, which is rapidly becoming a real substitute for chromium alloy in interior design.

Wet rooms and walk-in showers come into ordinary homes and are loved

Although wet rooms and large walk-in showers were often used in luxury hotels and ultra modern houses, with the development, they have gradually entered ordinary families and are more and more loved by people. Because it matches with colorful pattern tiles, it can create amazing characteristic walls or backgrounds.

Oversized marble is popular in bathroom design

Compared with exaggerated murals, marble can show a more subtle effect. Marble is widely used in bathrooms and bolder panel applications, making it the focus of attention. To create an eternal appearance, please choose large format tiles, which can reduce the cement paste lines and make the appearance cleaner and more luxurious.

LED is popular in small bathrooms

In 2022, in addition to characteristic lights, wall lights and downlights, more LED lighting will be popular in small bathrooms. These can not only highlight the structural features or decoration, but also make the tray ceiling or floating cabinet more conspicuous. This warm light will certainly bring a bright feeling to the interior of the bathroom.

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