Six Simple Steps to Clean the Bathroom

Six Simple Steps to Clean the Bathroom

One day, when you walk into the bathroom, there is a smell. You don't know where to start or where to start because everything seems to need to be cleaned immediately. Not only that but you are confused by stubborn stains. You just want to leave everything behind. I don't know why the expensive shower and sink quickly broke and became rusty. Here's how to clean your home bathroom.

1. Brick Joint and Mortar

Sodium bicarbonate is a high-performance natural detergent which can be used in bricks, walls and mortar. Apply this powder mixed with warm water on the mortar or rubble for a few minutes, and then wipe it with a wet towel to completely remove mold. If you want to deodorize or deep clean, add a little vinegar. To dry the walls quickly, you can turn on the ventilator and open the door.

2. Shower

The frequently used shower and rinse water is a place with a large number of mycobacterium av, which is a bacterium causing respiratory and pulmonary diseases. Charles Gerba, a medical professor at the University of Arizona, said that shower could directly discharge millions of bacteria into your lungs if you don't pay attention to hygiene.

To thoroughly clean this important equipment, first, soak the shower head in vinegar all night, then clean it with baking soda the next morning, and then clean it with warm water and vinegar with a soft cloth. Then, you should air dry naturally, or dry with a dry towel.

The bathtub is easier to clean because it has no complicated small hole structure. Fill the bathtub with water, add a little detergent, and soak for 10 minutes before cleaning. Take a bath once a week to prevent stains.
Clean the Bathroom

3. Water Pipe

Vinegar is the most important life-saving straw for polluted or rusty metal pipes or pipelines. Even if there is rust, you should apply vinegar to the rusty area and rub the rust with clean water for an hour.

4. Clean the Cloth in the bathroom

The shower curtain, bath towel, insole, towel and shower cap need to be cleaned regularly because this is the source of an odor. You usually do not know where it comes from because you always wash towels.

5. Toilet

You just need to put a little baking soda in there and cover it. You should cover the toilet after using it every day. Bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella can fly into the air from the toilet and attach to sanitary facilities or humans, which is harmful to health.

6. Wash Basin Sanitation

A surprising fact is that the wash basin is dirtier than the toilet because people often put their hands there. When they turn on the tap, they often do not wash their hands. Vinegar and acetic acid mixtures can be very useful things at this stage.

The above is a simple way to clean all parts of the bathroom. Vinegar and baking soda are very useful detergents and can also be used for daily cleaning.

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