Square Glass Clamps VS Beveled Edge Shower Glass Clamps

Square Glass Clamps VS Beveled Edge Shower Glass Clamps

To remodel a new bathroom project is a wonderful thing. You can make your bathroom into the style and bathroom layout you like, including what type of shower glass door to choose, shower hardware and finishes etc. There are often many options when it comes to the shape of your shower glass door clamps.

But for the clamps that attach the fixed glass to the surrounding shower, there are two options in terms of shape: beveled and square. So which shower glass door clamp is best for your bathroom - beveled edge shower glass clamps or square corner shower glass clamps? Read on to find the answer.

Beveled Edge Shower Glass Clamps

Beveled edge shower glass clamps have a softer look than square glass clamps, offering a combination of antique and stylish styles. Usually, beveled edge shower glass clamps are a little more expensive than square glass clamps due to the more complicated manufacturing steps. Cleaning the shower is also safer as you don't have to worry about your hands getting cut or scratched by the sharp edges.  

Square Corner Shower Glass Clamps

Square corner shower glass clamps are becoming increasingly popular as they give the bathroom a sharp, modern look. Conversely, square glass clamps are a little cheaper than beveled glass clamps as the manufacturing process is a little easier. However, as mentioned above, it can be a bit of a safety hazard, and there is a risk of people scratching their hands when cleaning around the bathroom as the edges of the square clamps are sharper.


So deciding what shape of bathroom glass clamps to choose will depend a lot on what other styles of hardware you use in your bathroom project and what you want the overall look of your bathroom to be like. In short, match your personal preferences and know exactly what style you want for your bathroom so you know how to choose. Because they are both great options, both have their pros and cons.

Our company, Loire Hardware Factory, is proud to offer a wide range of shower glass clamps to suit your every need as well as for all types of shower configurations, including wall-to-glass configurations and glass-to-glass configurations. As one of the leading square glass clamps manufacturers & square glass clamps suppliers with our own square glass clamps factory, we offer not only top-quality square corner shower glass clamps but also first-class beveled edge shower glass clamps at affordable prices.

Our bathroom glass clamps are made using high-quality solid brass to ensure the quality you expect. Available with beveled or square panels and a wide range of finishes to choose from. We are confident that our range of shower door hinge clamps will add just the right finishing touch to your project!

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