Standard Duty Shower Hinges or Heavy Duty Shower Hinges?

Standard Duty Shower Hinges or Heavy Duty Shower Hinges?

Shower Hinges are one of the important parts of the frameless shower room. There have different types of shower hinges for you to choose from. Install standard duty shower hinges on a heavy glass door, and you won't enjoy the long-lasting benefits the right hinges can deliver. Do you know how to purchase the right hinges for your glass shower door? Let's check it out.

To select the right shower hinge, you need to consider the door weight. The question comes: how much weight can a shower hinge hold?

First, we need to know about the type of shower hinge because different hinges can be used for different things. Generally speaking, there are two shower hinges: standard and heavy duty. Then we'll talk about the thickness of the glass door. For the shower room, the glass thickness is usually 8-12mm.
For example, the size of the glass door is 2000mm in Length & 700mm in Width, and 10mm in thickness, and the door weight is about 35 kg. Will you choose standard duty shower hinges or heavy duty shower hinges? The answer is the standard one. Because two pieces of standard shower hinges can hold 45kg of door weight, so it's totally okay for that. And they are suitable for 3/8," or 5/16" (10 or 8mm) tempered safety glass.

Moreover, a 2pcs heavy duty shower hinge can hold a 50kg door, and a thickness of 8-12mm glass door is available. Although that's no problem for the door weight of 35kg, the price of heavy duty shower hinges is higher than the standard ones. So we just choose the right one is okay.

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