Tips for choosing a shower room

Tips for choosing a shower room

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to install shower rooms in the bathrooms. Its advantages are not only low space occupancy rate, but also the overall environment of the bathroom can be well maintained. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to choosing a suitable and high-quality shower room.

Shower Room Shopping Tips

The shape of the shower room is generally arc-shaped and fan-shaped. Some shower rooms have square and diamond shapes, and some have sliding doors, folding doors, pivot doors, etc., which can use the limited bathroom space to apply many styles. When choosing the shape of the shower room, you must refer to the size of the bathroom.

The common types of shower rooms are mainly as follows: 1. Vertical angle shower room, the biggest feature is that it can make better use of the limited bathroom area and expand the utilization rate. The common square diagonal shower room, arc-shaped shower room and diamond shape shower room belong to this type, which are widely used styles; 2. In-line shower screen, when some room types are narrow in width, or there is a position for bathtub but the householder does not want to use the bathtub and chooses the shower screen, the in-line shower screen is mostly used; 3. The bath screen above the bathtub. Many households have installed bathtubs, but they often use showers. In order to take into account the two, they can also make a bath screen on the bathtub. Generally, it is common to use a on-line shape to shorten or a full folding shape on the bathtub, but the cost of folding shape is very high and it is not cost-effective.

Identify the material carefully

When buying a shower room, you can't be greedy for a cheap price. Be sure to buy products marked with the detailed manufacturer's name, factory address and commodity certificate. Loire is a shower room hardware and accessories manufacturer with more then 20 years experience. You can believe in us cause we have great knowledge in the glass industry and excellent after-sales service.

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