Tips For Cleaning the Bathroom Glass Partition and Bathroom Steps

Tips For Cleaning the Bathroom Glass Partition and Bathroom Steps

The partition between the bathroom glass is mainly to effectively separate the wet and dry areas of the bathroom to avoid falling while effectively keeping the bathroom clean and dry. Because the surface of the glass door is smooth and transparent, many users will think that the glass door is stain proof and easy to clean.

In fact, glass doors will also be corroded by the surrounding water mist for a long time. Let's get to know the main cleaning points of the glass compartment.

1. Cleaning Method of Bathroom Glass

1.1 Stubborn stains can be removed with beer and vinegar. Do not use a solution with a too high concentration of acid and alkali for cleaning.
1.2 Oil stains can be cleaned with preservative film or detergent to make the glass partition as bright as new.
1.3 The frosted glass can be diluted with kerosene, chalk, or gypsum powder and coated on the frosted glass, which can not only keep the glass clean but also make the glass brighter.
1.4 The glass shall be wiped clean and free of water stains, which is applicable to mirror surfaces and ceramic tile walls.
1.5 Spray glass cleaner on the glass surface, wipe it with a wiping cloth and then wipe off the water stains with a dry cloth.
Bathroom Glass Partition

2. Clean the Steps of the Bathroom Glass Partition

2.1 Use a hose or shower to sprinkle water drops on the glass surface.
2.2 Let the detergent solution stick to the glass door to allow the enzyme in the detergent to react. Remember to wipe the glass off.
2.3 At this point, many foams will appear. Wait until one side of the glass is clean, and then wipe the other side of the glass.
2.4 Clean with clean water or spray head and spray from the top. Let the washing powder and foam all wash away, and the glass will become very clean and transparent.
2.5 Finally, wipe it with a dry rag and a newspaper.

The above are tips for cleaning the bathroom glass partition and bathroom steps. I hope they can help you a little.

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