Tips for Solving Shower Room Odor

Tips for Solving Shower Room Odor

You could spend countless hours on routine cleaning, and even put a series of coveted cleaning products under the sink. However, despite your best efforts, you may encounter a less ideal smell coming out of your shower room drain.

What’s that smell

The odor of shower drain can be caused by many problems, most of which are easy to solve. Your shower smell is probably caused by one of the following reasons.

The sewer is blocked under the cover. Have you noticed that the water stays on the bathroom floor longer than usual? Hair, skin, dirt, mineral deposits, mold, soap scum or biofilms are the most annoying causes of shower drain odors.

Dry drains. Did you notice the crazy smell of gas in the sewer? This is another common culprit, usually just an easy to treat dry P-trap.

Leaking pipes. Unfortunately, pipeline leakage is a very serious cause, and the maintenance  cost may be high.

DIY Resolution

1. Floor leakage and overflow is due to the uneven cross section, so that the sewage can not pass quickly. It may be caused by the rough internal structure of the floor drain and the clamped hair. Method: clean the foreign matters in the floor drain and remember not to open the net cover of the floor drain often.

2. Dredge the floor drain with logs. First, insert a log with a diameter close to the drainage pipe and inject a certain amount of water into the pool. Similar to the toilet, the dirt in the pipe can be easily washed away by suction and pressure.

3. First pour half a cup of boiled soda water into the sewer, and then pour half a cup of vinegar. When the soda reacts with the acid in the vinegar, the grease stuck to the pipe can be removed. You can also buy sewer cleaners.

4. Using discarded stockings, cut a small piece from the discarded sock, stretch it out as far as possible, and stick it on the floor drain. It can effectively block the scattering of hair and dust and avoid blockage.

5. Regularly replace the floor drain and select the floor drain with good material, which can effectively control the generation of room odor. The bathroom has peculiar smell, mainly floor drain, which means that the seal is not good and the smell of water overflows. It is suggested that when you buy floor drains, you should try to choose good materials beneficial to indoor air.

Tips: If you try the above method, but it doesn't work, then the smell you experience may indicate that other areas of your home have been damaged, such as the smell of wet wood or wet drywall. If the water reaches a deeper level of your home, you may see the damage of water on the ceiling of the room below the bathroom. Please call in an expert to check your bathroom.

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