Tips to Remove Limescale of Shower Glass Door

Tips to Remove Limescale of Shower Glass Door

People who are not too picky will not be familiar with limescale. But those who like to appreciate their reflections on shiny chrome equipment and shower glass door will hate the milky white deposits.

Many families install glass doors in the bathroom to separate water. The bathroom is where we take a bath, brush our teeth, wash our face and go to the bathroom every day. The sanitary condition is very important. The long-term humidity and lack of ventilation in the bathroom will cause many limescale stains on the shower glass door, which need to be cleaned for a period of time. Here are some tips to clean the scale on the shower glass door.

1. Vinegar and Lemon Juice

Limescale can be wiped off deposits. However, the minerals involved are very hard, so the abrasive that effectively scrapes them off can also damage the finish of the underlying material. Fortunately, calcium carbonate is easily dissolved in a series of weak acids. You can buy brand-name scale removers, but many common household substances can also work. The two most effective substances are lemon juice and ordinary vinegar. Lemon juice is usually the best and it will leave a nice smell. Stronger sour vinegar and lime juice are more acidic and can be used to treat very stubborn deposits.

2. Mix Vinegar and Salt

The simplest and most practical method is to mix vinegar and salt, and then directly scrub with a brush so that you can quickly see the bright and beautiful life of the shower glass door. Or use toothpaste to brush gently on the glass door, then carefully and gently scrub, and then rinse with warm water.

3. Glass Cleaner

You can choose glass cleaner, spray it directly on the shower glass door, and use a dry rag to return your bright new life. You should pay attention to that other hardware small parts do not use detergent. This liquid will directly corrode the surface of the hardware. These hardware parts can be directly wiped dry with a dry rag as far as possible.

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4. Newspapers

Remove the dust with a wet rag and wipe it directly with a newspaper, because the ink of the newspaper can better repair and clean the glass so that the shower glass door will not leave traces of water.

5. Toilet Cleaning Spirit

The toilet cleaning spirit in the toilet can also wipe the glass bathroom door, spray some on the glass, directly put on gloves, and scrub slowly.

6. Glass Scraper

You can buy a glass scraper, just like a sponge mop for mopping the floor. Just twist the water dry and wipe the shower glass door directly, so that there will be no limescale.

The problem with limescale removal is usually not to find the right acid around the home but to ensure that the acid is in contact with the surface long enough to complete its job. Limescale is not so easy to remove, you can simply wipe it off with a cloth soaked in juice. Instead, you need to let it soak for an hour or longer to really work.

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