Tips to Choose Bathroom Fittings

Tips to Choose Bathroom Fittings

Nowadays, there are various styles of shower door hardware in the market to satisfy the needs of different buyers in the shower door market. The main metal raw materials of shower door hardware products are brass, stainless steel and zinc alloy. Today, let's discuss the differences between brass shower door hardware and zinc alloy shower door hardware, and how to distinguish them.

What is bathroom fittings? Although we can tell what bathroom fittings are, it's really difficult to say all kinds of bathroom fittings at one time, and many cross products are involved. In fact, these are not the key points. The key point is how to master the methods of purchasing bathroom fittings. Here's how to buy Bathroom fittings.

The four tips for purchasing bathroom products summarized are "one is to see, the other is to feel, the third is to listen and the fourth is to compare". Although it is very simple to say, it is not so easy to operate. Let's learn more about it:

1. Look, under strong light, carefully observe the reflection on the surface of bathroom products from the side. It is better to have no or little sand holes and pits on the surface. The products with high brightness index adopt high-quality glaze materials and very good glazing technology, which has good light reflection and good visual effect.

2. Feel, you can rub gently on the surface with your hand, and it feels very flat and delicate. You can also touch the back and feel the slight friction of "rusty".

3. Listen, you can knock the ceramic surface by hand. Generally, good ceramic materials make a crisp sound when knocked.

4. Comparison. The ratio is mainly to investigate the water absorption. The lower the water absorption, the better. Ceramic products have a certain adsorption and permeability to water. If water is sucked into ceramics, it will produce a certain expansion, which is easy to crack the glaze on the ceramic surface due to expansion.

5. Judge the grade of sanitary ware and choose suitable sanitary ware materials. Material is the main factor affecting the quality of sanitary ware. Different materials eventually lead to different quality results and different prices. There are various types of bathroom panels. Different types of bathroom panels have their own advantages, and the quality of bathroom panels will also directly affect the use in the future. When choosing the bathroom panel, in addition to choosing the style according to the style of the house and your own preferences, you must recognize the characteristics of the material, so as to find the panel suitable for you. At the same time, environmental protection should meet the E1 standard.

6. The design style determines a certain visual effect. The design style of the bathroom should be consistent with the design style of the family, especially the style of the parts connected with the restaurant and living room. Specifically, in terms of color, materials and modeling, it should be integrated and echoed with the restaurant and living room. For example, in terms of color, if the whole family design is dominated by warm colors, the color of the whole kitchen should also choose warm colors; In terms of modeling, if the overall style is relaxed and lively, the style of the kitchen can also be relatively flexible, and the line and surface can also be changed more.

The above is how to buy Bathroom related content. I hope you can master these methods and then buy your favorite bathroom fittings.


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