Tips to Determine the Installation Height of Shower Head

Tips to Determine the Installation Height of Shower Head

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Shower is an essential product in our bathroom. After buying a shower, many people want a skilled installer to install it. We don't need to worry about anything, but when we use it, we feel uncomfortable everywhere. A typical problem is the height of the shower head. There are always some inconveniences due to the different heights of family members. Obviously, it is the most suitable setting for people in the installation process. Next, let's have a good understanding of the installation of shower heads and remember to install them reasonably.
Installation height of shower.

1. Installation Height of Shower

1.1 First, when installing the shower head, the height of the shower head mixing valve must be determined from the ground. Before installing the shower head, you must confirm the installation position of the shower head. According to comfort and previous experience, when the nozzle mixing valve is controlled within the height range of 90 ~ 100cm, the distance between the nozzle mixing valve and the ground will become more comfortable. In this interval, it is set to fine tune to fine tune according to the person's height. However, it should not exceed 110 cm, as too high a height may cause the shower head riser to fail.
1.2 Reserved height of Shower Faucet: the installed reserved line of shower faucet is buried on the floor tile. It's good to cover it with a decorative cover. Otherwise, it won't look beautiful. Therefore, when laying pipes, it is best to consider the reserved position, which is generally 15mm higher than the blank wall, so the wire head can be buried when pasting ceramic tiles to ensure the beauty of the wall.
1.3 Reserved spacing of shower head inner wire elbow: generally, the reserved spacing of shower head inner wire elbow is about 10 ~ 15cm. Usually, when purchasing shower heads, the seller will give two adapters, so that the outlet of the mixing valve can be connected to the hot and cold outlet of the wall. However, if possible, it is best not to use adapters for switching.

2. Installation Method and Precautions of Shower

2.1 If the faucet does not tilt horizontally after installation, it is about 900-110mm from the ground. When installing the faucet with a wrench, be careful not to damage the appearance of electroplating.
2.2 The shower head device is separately driven into the inflation pipe in the device hole, and the wall seat is fixed on the wall with self tapping screws. Note: the wall seat must be on the same line with the outlet of the faucet.
2.3 Before installing and drilling the shower head, cover the faucet with a cloth to prevent pollution and scratch.
2.4 The installation height of shower head "H" shall be determined according to the actual products during actual installation.
2.5 After installing the shower head, turn on the water inlet switch and thoroughly flush the pipeline.
Because the shower is often used, it is naturally convenient. If the installation height of the shower head is not appropriate, it will be very embarrassing. We hope the above introduction can help you understand how to determine the installation height of shower head. As for installation, the method is actually very simple. If you are interested, you can refer to the above method or give it to someone in need.

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