Top 3 Glass Door Hinges for Shower Rooms

Top 3 Glass Door Hinges for Shower Rooms

The shower door hinge is a piece of hardware used to support the shower door while allowing for smooth and easy operation. You can choose from a variety of shower door hinges depending on the design and layout of the room and the shower room. Don't forget that the budget and aesthetics both play a role in this decision.

Standard duty shower hinges are the most affordable option. Glass-to-glass shower hinges offer a more decorative design. Shower door pivots are ideal for creating a sleek and stylish look, bearing more weight than any other hinge design.

Standard duty shower hinges

The standard load shower hinge is one of the most widely used types of shower door hinges, which is suitable for shower rooms where the door is mounted on the wall. In general, backplate hinges consist of two metal plates or leaves that are joined at a 90-degree angle. One of the metal plates is screwed to the wall, while the other wraps around the glass door's edge. These two leaves are slightly offset from each other so that the edge of the glass does not touch the backing plate.


Backplate hinges are more cost-effective, although they are considered visually unattractive because the two metal plates are always visible. For a more attractive finish, you can choose the standard load shower hinge above, which is aesthetically pleasing and have a greater load capacity than standard backsplash units.

Glass-to-glass door hinges

Glass-to-glass door hinges tend to be the most expensive of all shower door hinges. These units feature two metal plates joined on a flat surface, which is designed to support the weight of the door off the surrounding glass rather than the wall. Glass-to-glass shower door hinges are visually appealing and tend to be the least conspicuous type of glass shower hinge design.


With a high-end design, glass-to-glass shower door hinges are visually appealing. Moreover, they are often the least obvious type of hinge in glass shower room designs. In other words, glass-to-glass door hinges can better blend with a variety of different styles of bathroom designs.

Pivot Shower Hinges

The pivot shower hinge consists of metal sleeves that fit over the top and bottom of the shower door. These sleeves attach the door to a metal rod, also known as a pivot, mounted on the floor and ceiling around the door.


Pivot Shower Hinges
Pivot Shower Hinges

Pivot shower hinges transfer the weight of the door to the floor, allowing the user to effectively support and complete the opening and closing of heavy or thick glass doors with relative ease. Pivots are a mid-range option for the price of shower hinges, and the cost falls between the two types of hinges mentioned above.


As we all know, the finish of the shower hardware is also important. Choosing inappropriate finishes based on price alone will not match and look weird. If you have no idea about choosing glass door hinges for the shower room. Loire can help you! As a professional shower room hardware manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer a wide range of high-quality door hinges at affordable prices. Contact us today to get the latest and greatest offer!

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