Ways to Contain the Water in Your Shower Room

Ways to Contain the Water in Your Shower Room

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Wet and dry separation is the general trend of toilet decoration design at present. Keeping the site outside the bathing area dry can not only prevent slipping, but also help to clean and sanitation. At the same time, it can also improve the use efficiency of the toilet and make one room multi-purpose. Good partition design is transparent and bright, which can instantly improve the overall beauty of the bathroom. Here are a few ways for containing shower room water.


1. Floor Tilt

Slightly tilt the shower floor towards the drain, which is both helpful and necessary to guide the water flow to the drain. The slope should not exceed 1 / 8-1 / 4 inch per foot. More importantly, it is difficult for people using wheeled mobile devices to sit horizontally in the shower (they can't roll all the time towards the slope).

2. Install Partition Wall

Partition Wall refers to the partition placed on the ground in the toilet, which cannot be moved and has poor flexibility, but can be used permanently. Brick partition wall: this kind of partition wall has low cost, is widely used in partition wall, and has good decorative effect, such as the Retro Red brick effect, which integrates natural ecology and spatial design.
Stone partition wall: the noble natural stone partition has always been sought after. It has high moisture-proof and fire safety and excellent texture. The disadvantage is that it has high cost and high requirements for the overall design of the toilet.

There is also the partition wall of shower curtain. This kind of partition has the advantages of convenient use, low price, and the color and style can be changed at any time. The key is that it does not occupy space and can be pulled with use. It is most suitable for small toilets.


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3. Install Shower Door

Another option for installing shower curtains is to install frameless glass doors at the shower entrance. Glass partition is the most popular toilet partition at present. The glass door is made of transparent material, which not only does not affect the daylighting, does not occupy space, but also has a good effect of dry and wet separation, with high cost performance. There are three common types of partition glass doors: square, arc and diamond (also known as masonry). Although this is often a very effective way to hold water, it is important to realize that glass shower doors (even those marked as shatterproof doors) will have a record of spontaneous explosion if they are not designed or installed correctly, so there are some inherent safety risks in using glass shower doors.

4. Install A Linear Drain

There is a long, linear grille at the top of the drainage ditch, which is flush with the shower floor, and there is a trough channel below to collect water. Sink drains are usually installed at the opening of the shower or along the floor behind the shower room.

The above are the ways to contain the water in the shower room. You could include these methods for reference. If you have any comments or ideas, you're so welcome to communicate with us!

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