What Are the Hardware for Glass Doors?

What Are the Hardware for Glass Doors?

The glass door has a good lighting effect and is full of modern beauty. It will not affect the indoor lighting and has a certain thermal insulation performance. Glass doors are widely used in most places in life. Have you ever observed a glass door? Do you know which glass door accessories it relies on to function?

Hardware and Function of Glass Door

If you have made observations, you will find that glass door accessories are different from other door product accessories, and many accessories are dedicated to glass doors. So what are the accessories and functions of the glass door?

Floor Spring

The most important thing about the floor spring is to be able to withstand the weight of the glass door, to prevent the glass door from bottoming out, and not to squeeze the glass door.
The floor spring is a hydraulic door closer specially used for glass doors. It uses a worm gear to compress the spring instead of a rack and pinion. The worm wheel can rotate in both directions, so the floor spring can open the glass door in two directions.

Door Handle

The door handle is one of the indispensable accessories for a door, which makes it more convenient for us to open and close the door. The door handle is used very frequently after installation, so the material of the door handle must be guaranteed.
door pull handle

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Door Clamps

Because of the characteristics of glass itself, it is impossible to completely rely on hinges to connect the door frame like ordinary doors. Regardless of whether it is a framed glass door or a frameless glass door, the glass door must be fixed from the upper and lower directions through door clamps of different specifications. This is not only to keep the glass door from deviating from the track but also to protect the glass door leaf.
door clamps
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Any door product needs to use a hinge, which is a key hardware accessory that connects the door leaf and the door frame. Without it, the door product cannot be used normally. However, due to the characteristics of different door products, the hinges used in various doors are different. For example, gates usually use bearing hinges. Such hinges are larger in size and can withstand heavy gates. The glass door requires the use of special glass hinges.
door hinge
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Door Lock

The door locks of glass doors are also different from the door locks of other doors. The door locks of other doors are usually integrated with the door handle, which saves space and is very beautiful. The glass door is different, its door lock and door handle are separate. These are all determined by the unique characteristics of the glass door.


Different types of glass doors require different specifications and quantities of accessories. When installing, choose the right accessories and comply with the installation design to ensure that the accessories are complete, otherwise it will affect the use of the glass door. No matter what method is used to install the glass door, we must pay attention to choosing high-quality products. It will affect the overall decoration quality due to unguaranteed quality.

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