What are the Key Points of Shower Room Design?

What are the Key Points of Shower Room Design?

With the improvement of living standards, the proportion of enjoyment expenditure is getting higher and higher. In terms of life, more and more people choose a shower room in the bathroom, where they can dilute the fatigue of the day. As an important part of bathroom decoration design, more and more shower room products have emerged to meet our needs.

But the emergence of so many shower room products in the current market makes us very confused when choosing. So what are the key points of shower room design we need to know in advance?


When designing a shower room, first consider the size of the bathroom, choose the layout that is most suitable for your bathroom, and choose frameless or framed products based on your own preferences. The large space can be considered from the perspective of a comfortable and loose shower, with a variety of options.

If you want to save space, it is better to choose a corner shower room or an arc-shaped shower room. It is better to choose some push-pull designs and inward-opening designs that do not occupy much space.
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Rough drawing

It is best to buy a shower room before the bathroom has not been renovated. It is necessary to design the appropriate size in advance and bury the corresponding holes in advance. If the water supply system has been installed and the tiles have been pasted, you should choose to order a shower room. When designing a shower room, you can choose a standard one, or you can make a professional non-standard custom-made one according to the actual size of the bathroom.

When purchasing a shower room in the building materials market, first of all, you need to have a bathroom structure drawing with clearly marked dimensions for the reference design of the store salesperson. You can also invite professional designers to design on-site, draw drawings based on site conditions and your own preferences, confirm that the elements are complete, and then arrange the production.

Pay attention to the brand

It is not easy to choose a product that really suits you. However, it is generally recommended to choose a well-known and cost-effective product so that the quality and after-sales of the products are more guaranteed. Loire is a professional shower door hardware factory with more than 20 years of experience. It must be one of your good choices. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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