What are the most important elements of shower door hardware?

What are the most important elements of shower door hardware?

Compared to other shower doors, glass frameless shower rooms require a specific type of hardware components, and it's imperative that you have the right type to ensure a good fit and functionality that will last for years. Unqualified shower room fittings may damage the door, causing it to break, crack, or not work as expected. So what are the most important elements of shower door hardware? Loire will show you today!

Loire Hardware is a professional frameless shower door hardware manufacturer since 2000. We have a wide range of glass door hardware accessories, including shower hinges, spring function types, adjustable types, heavy-duty types, glass connectors, shower supports, clamps, knobs, handles, and other shower room fittings. We also provide OEM and ODM services. Just tell us the design you require, and we will turn it into a material object for you!

Here are some factors on glass door hardware accessories you can choose from to ensure your shower door is just the way you like it.

Shape and Design

The shower room fittings have different shapes and designs. The most commonly used shapes are oval, circle, square, and rectangle. If you want something unique, contact Loire to customize your own style.

Colors and Finishes

Loire Hardware has a variety of colors and finishes for you to choose from, including CP, BN, BN2, SCP, PN, GP, PB, SB, AB, PSS, SSS, SSC, ROSE GOLD, GRAY, BSCP, WHITE, ORB, ORB1.

The most common colors or finishes for glass door hardware accessories are gold and silver. Black color is also a popular trend. You can choose the finish and color of hardware you like to match your own bathroom decoration style.


Material and Construction

The material of the shower room fittings is very important because it will significantly affect their durability in the long run. As the bathroom can easily become one of the wettest areas in the house, it is necessary to use a material that reacts the least with moisture and still performs well without rusting or degrading.

High-quality glass door hardware accessories are rust-resistant, and their materials and finishes can withstand years of daily use. Our shower hardware is made of 59 Brass or 304 stainless steel, and our unique process makes them more durable and durable.

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