What is the difference between a framed shower room and a frameless shower room?

What is the difference between a framed shower room and a frameless shower room?

When we are shopping for shower rooms, we will encounter framed and frameless shower rooms. Many people will be confused about what kind of shower room to buy. Now, we will discuss the difference between framed and frameless shower rooms!

Nowadays, the overall shower room has entered the vision of the majority of consumers. We are overwhelmed by a wide range of styles. According to the styles, it can be roughly divided into: arc fan-shaped, diamond shaped, in-line and square shaped. According to the specifications of shower room, it can be divided into framed shower room and frameless Shower room.

In addition, there are standard shower rooms and non-standard shower rooms for you to choose. The non-standard shower rooms can be customized according to the size, color matching and appropriate style of the bathroom, that is, tailored to bring more convenience to consumers!

The structure of a shower room can be divided into three types: framed, semi frameless and frameless:

(1) With frame: the metal frame is mainly made of aluminum alloy frame or stainless steel, and the plate is made of tempered glass. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to whether the surface is scratched, whether the frame material joint is tight, whether there is a finishing plastic or metal cover plate above the outer frame, whether the switch is smooth, whether the fire prevention and magnet strip design at the door and between the brake blades that directly affect the waterproof effect, etc.

(2) Semi frameless: the outer frame is made of aluminum alloy frame or stainless steel, and the plates are mainly tempered glass.

(3) Frameless type: it is mainly composed of hinges, fixed clips, shower supports and tempered glass. As it is frameless design, it requires high requirements for wall material and verticality in this design, such as light compartments or integral bathrooms. If there is a reinforcement design at the hinge fixing position, it cannot be installed, otherwise there is a potential safety hazard.

The framed shower room is relatively firm, which can better fix the shower room. When purchasing, you must pay attention to observe whether the material of the ball bearing is high-quality, whether the opening and closing of the door is smooth and light, and carefully check the sealing of the waterproof rubber strip and whether the cohesion between hardware and glass is excellent.

The frameless shower room as a whole looks more concise and atmospheric. It should be noted that when installing the frameless shower room, you must choose a style that is compatible with the overall style of the bathroom. If the bathroom space is relatively narrow, you can choose the sliding shower room. In this way, the cleaning work will be much more convenient.

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