What should be paid attention to when purchasing a shower room

What should be paid attention to when purchasing a shower room

Modern home decoration has higher and higher requirements for bathroom facilities. Many families hope to have an independent shower space. However, due to the limited bathroom space, they can only put the shower facilities and sanitary ware in one room. The shower room makes full use of a corner of the room and clearly divides the shower range with a fence to form a relatively independent bath space. So what common sense do you need to know about buying a shower room for new house decoration? Now, we will share it with you.

1. Whether the bathroom size is sufficient

The smallest size for a shower room is just over 700mm x 700mm, as this is the smallest shower tray size, so it is vital that you allow room for the shower door to open, plus space to get in and out. And it only needs a bathroom of 4 to 5 square meters. The installation of a two person shower room (about 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters) requires a bathroom of about 10 square meters. The height of the room shall not be less than 2.2m. You should not only pay attention to the area and height of the room when purchasing, but also pay attention to the measurement and planning before the basic decoration.

2. Ask about the maintenance time of accessories

Pay attention to steam engine and computer control panel when purchasing shower room with steam function. The core of this steam function is the steam engine. If the steam engine fails to pass the test, it will break down in a short time. In addition, the computer control panel is also the core part of the shower room. Since all the function keys of the shower room are on the computer board, once there is a problem with the computer board, the entire shower room cannot be activated, so be sure to ask about the warranty time of the steam engine and the computer board when purchasing.

3. Materials shall not be sloppy

There are special requirements for the glass used to make the shower room. Ordinary glass can not be used to make shower room, we must use tempered glass. It has the functions like high strength and resistance, good thermal stability, and strong safety performance. At current market, the plate used in the shower room is mainly acrylic. It is understood that the glass filament used in some composite acrylic plates contains formaldehyde, which is one of the sources of bathroom pollution.The way to distinguish the acrylic material is to observe the inside of the shower room. If the back of the acrylic sheet is different from the front and is rough, it is a composite acrylic sheet. For example, some acrylic panels will change color after being used for a long time, and some will have small cracks. This is also the main reason why some brands of shower rooms are expensive and others are cheap.

Therefore, pay attention to all aspects above when selecting a shower room. If you have any doubt about the shower hardware, kindly feel feel to contact Loire.


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